Attempted first pattern…

So, I tried my first pattern! I used an old white sheet from my mum, which had paint on it! nice….We didn’t cut it very perfect, so many edges were wonky! I also am SO annoyed that somehow I managed to mess up the waist band so that the raw edges are on the OUTSIDE! Duurrrr….

But I am pretty happy with them for my first ever try at a pattern! It wasn’t as hard as I thought 🙂


Attempting my first pattern!

Sooo, I decided if I want to make any decent clothes, I will have to brave it and try a pattern! So after some hunting for the style I wanted, I found Simplicity 2258 which I actually had to buy off eBay from America as no one over here sold it!!



I have it now anyway, and to save me ruining a load of nice fabric on my first attempt, my mum donated an old sheet which I am trying to make into a pair of shorts! The pieces are all cut out, and ready to start sewing, fingers crossed!!