Cute Owl Pin Cushion Instructions

Well, I was just looking on (which has great videos, with really well described instructions) and noticed that they had a video on how to make a cute owl pin cushion!

Very cute, and again, it has some brilliant tips I could use when I make my cute owl pillow! Such as the lil knobbly legs! And the adhesive tape they have used to fasten them on.  I may even make the pin cushion when I have enough scraps, great way to use them up 🙂


Cute Owl Pillow – Instructions

So, thought I would look on HobbyCraft as I spotted one at the retail park near us, and in the ideas section, they have an owl pillow, similar to the one I want to make! Has some good ideas to help me make one…Like the No Sew glue and button eyes 🙂

What I wanna make – Owl Pillow

I think, I need to make posts with things I see that I myself would like to try and make, cause I often see things and think “that might be easy to make I will try it” then forget.

So… I saw someone post on LiveJournal of their bedroom, and on their bed was a cute owl pillow. Who doesn’t like owls?!? And I thought it would be pretty easy to make with some felt or odd scraps of material I find…..So I would like to make one 🙂

(see newer posts for instructions on how to make!! 🙂 )