AWESOME! I love THIS! Someone posted it on a tortoise forum I go on (cause I have a gorgeous tortoise VINCE ❤ ) And it is so sweet! If I were to make it, I wouldn’t make it so big, but it would look lovely alongside my cute owl pillow! (That I AM going to make)

My Vincent!


Cute Owl Pin Cushion Instructions

Well, I was just looking on (which has great videos, with really well described instructions) and noticed that they had a video on how to make a cute owl pin cushion!

Very cute, and again, it has some brilliant tips I could use when I make my cute owl pillow! Such as the lil knobbly legs! And the adhesive tape they have used to fasten them on.  I may even make the pin cushion when I have enough scraps, great way to use them up 🙂

Cute Bunny

I like this pattern of how to make a cute lil bunny!! Well sweet….Do you like?? I WANNA MAKE!

Crisp Packet Bag

Was just nosing about the ole net, and found this page with instructions how to make a bag from crisp packets! I don’t like most of them, but half way down, there is a picture of a bag someone made using these instructions using magazine pages, black and rainbow colours, It’s really quite nice!! If I ever had the time and patience to do this I sooo would…

Although, I do quite like the bowl or basket type one like this:

Cute Owl Pillow – Instructions

So, thought I would look on HobbyCraft as I spotted one at the retail park near us, and in the ideas section, they have an owl pillow, similar to the one I want to make! Has some good ideas to help me make one…Like the No Sew glue and button eyes 🙂

Pocket Pal!

I found this pattern ( and think I would like to make one for my sewing machine. I don’t know if I would follow the pattern, I just like the idea. Patterns kinda scare me….I like making it up as I go along! hah Lets see how well that turns out for me….. o_o