My Laundry Bag!

So, my tote that I made a few weeks ago I have been using to keep my hand washing in, cause I already have so many shopping totes, so I decided to use my fabric paints and make it my hand laundry bag 🙂


Crisp Packet Bag

Was just nosing about the ole net, and found this page with instructions how to make a bag from crisp packets! I don’t like most of them, but half way down, there is a picture of a bag someone made using these instructions using magazine pages, black and rainbow colours, It’s really quite nice!! If I ever had the time and patience to do this I sooo would…

Although, I do quite like the bowl or basket type one like this:

My first tote!

SOOO yesterday I got the mean machine out and made my tote bag from the material I got in the charity shop 🙂

I’m happy with it! Just want to make it pretty now…