Back to sewing!

So….After about 5 years of not sewing a thing, I decided I would get the mean machine out again!

My mum suggested I could make her an apron for Christmas….So here I am making her one for Mothers Day! Better late than never. The instructions I liked the most were these ones on Kathys Cottage blog. It was really easy and the end result is great. I like that this one is lined, as many of the other ones I saw weren’t.

I bought some awesome fabric, white muslin to line and double fold bias binding for the strap off eBay, and away I went!


I think it turned out alright! You can’t see on the photo but the cocktails are sparkly!

It really didn’t take long at all, if I’d have had a decent pair of scissors (I was using blunt kitchen scissors to cut my fabric), an iron (I had to go to my sister house to iron the hem) and if I didn’t manage to accidentally dismantle my sewing machine as I took the bobbin out (it’s been a while! I forgot how to do it….) It would have only taken maybe 2 hours max.

Now for my next project.On my list of things I would like to sew are:

  1. Yoga mat bag
  2. Sewing machine cover
  3. Bunting

A few easy projects (I think) to get me started, and I want to start making clothes!


Sewing Room – AT LAST!

Sooo I haven’t done any sewing in forever!! When was my last post? God knows…


Well I move house on Saturday, and as there are 2 reception rooms, I have decided to take one, the ‘dining’ room, and turn it into my SEWING ROOM! AT LAST! I will have space to do stuff! Can’t wait 🙂


Will be abe to do some of the projects I was hoping to start months ago, and actually use some of the fabric I have bought!

Attempted first pattern…

So, I tried my first pattern! I used an old white sheet from my mum, which had paint on it! nice….We didn’t cut it very perfect, so many edges were wonky! I also am SO annoyed that somehow I managed to mess up the waist band so that the raw edges are on the OUTSIDE! Duurrrr….

But I am pretty happy with them for my first ever try at a pattern! It wasn’t as hard as I thought 🙂


AWESOME! I love THIS! Someone posted it on a tortoise forum I go on (cause I have a gorgeous tortoise VINCE ❤ ) And it is so sweet! If I were to make it, I wouldn’t make it so big, but it would look lovely alongside my cute owl pillow! (That I AM going to make)

My Vincent!

Sew Show!

There is a show at the NEC in a couple of weeks that exhibits sewing, crafts, all sorts of stuff! I really want to go, I will probably have to go on my own, but it should be good, and I should pick up some good tips!

For £9 you get entry to 3 shows, so should be good!

Cute Owl Pin Cushion Instructions

Well, I was just looking on (which has great videos, with really well described instructions) and noticed that they had a video on how to make a cute owl pin cushion!

Very cute, and again, it has some brilliant tips I could use when I make my cute owl pillow! Such as the lil knobbly legs! And the adhesive tape they have used to fasten them on.  I may even make the pin cushion when I have enough scraps, great way to use them up 🙂

Cute Bunny

I like this pattern of how to make a cute lil bunny!! Well sweet….Do you like?? I WANNA MAKE!

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